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Financial Self-Awareness of where they are today relative to where they want to be.

How this approach to financial engagement will help you!


Enhance the delivery and quality of your Advice currently bestowed to a lucky few by improving Engagement and Play with Scenarios.


More easily Engage everybody else being ignored by the industry with an experience not entirely focused on Investment Mangement.


We're engaging young people and everybody else left out of the process.  Their financial self-discovery will lead to you with our help.


You should strive to offer a planning experience today that distinguishes itself from what clients will access for free tomorrow.

Why does it matter?


Engage the Next Generation, Today

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Some Inconvenient Truths              about the

The Great
Wealth Transfer

  • Advisors loose 7/10 clients at wealth transfer on average today
  • ​The Frequency will only increase as boomers age
  • The future $84T and todays remaining $56T are largely the same groups currently not being engaged
  • ​The Transfer is from a group famous for not engaging in technology to a group that lives on it. 


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Pro-Bono with us

Align your Pro Bono Clients and their unique circumstances through specific actions and scenairos.

Tailor powerful customizations quickly that fit the audience and stay separate from your other clients.

Pro Bono clients conveniently self-register, input data, and engage through and easy, yet empowering digital experience.

"I needed a user-friendly, visually appealing software to showcase my recommendations to my clients and to encourage their participation in the development of their own plans. PlanTechHub is unprecedented in the versatility it offers clients who want a DIY experience while still being able to engage with an advisor to receive expert guidance, advice, and education. I’ve personally found that many of my clients love the fact that this software is not a black box that is only accessible by their advisor.

My absolute favorite feature is how easily scenarios can be crafted and compared. To me, this is the future of financial planning. As advisors are struggling to maintain relevance through investment management alone, we are all being forced to pivot towards a more “service-centric” model. What better way to provide service to clients than to model and explain the impact of each life changing choice they could make on multiple future paths?"

"I would highly recommend PlanTechHub."

Jeff George

     IO Advisors |  Orlando, FL

Don't be Scared of your "Engineering Client"

All the details they would want and the power to play with them reside in the most empowering Client Portal available.  


Chadwick Blythe

With over 20 years cheerleading Financial Planning Software and partner technologies, Chad has worked with hundreds of RIA's & Institutions of all sizes to improve their return on investment with digital planning experience.

Chad began his career with a very popular financial planning software, using that tool as a twenty something kid with big plans and financial questions to model. He realized quickly that planning software wasn't built to handle the unique needs of younger prospects nor those that needed the help the most.  Additionally, he began to realize that the very features that engages a younger prospect, will also allow advisors to increase their level of service to any existing clients, no matter their age or socio-economic situation.  

Chad has proven that it doesn't matter your experience with planning software, or how many resources your firm has...if you have passion and a little imagination, you can light a spark in your Clients that get them EXCITED about your firms planning process and your expertise.  

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Throw away your preconcieved notion of planning sophistication

Does this Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel that... your current planning tool is a too cookie-cutter to breakout of the mold in this relationship and word-of-mouth business?
  • Do you seem... to be continuously jerry-rigging plans to account for your clients unique needs, limiting your ability to showcase your expertise?
  • Are you frustrated that... your digital planning experience just doesn't engage your clients, and doesn't really engage you if you think about it.
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  need a planning tool that is made for a modern audience.  One that can satisfy your engineering client and appeal to her son, but also one that allows you the flexibility to empower each planning situation as you see fit.

Better Planning Through

Ratio Analysis

  • ​Increased Client Engagement and Education Opportunities
  • ​Efficient and Precise Risk Assessment
  • ​Differentiate Services with Evidence Based Advice
  • ​Proactive Financial Health Management
  • ​Track Performance of Implemented Strategies