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Available Services via Access

A Powerful, yet streamlined planning experience, delivered one plan at a time.

Planning Software for Advisors to serve those in need, donated one plan at a time.

Self-Guided Financial Literacy Workshops for education and Personal Scenario creation.

A completely private financial plan, unlinked from your firm.

Sponsor or refer your client to a Self-Guided Financial Literacy experience.



Build customizable financial plans that cater to the specific needs of each client, one plan at a time. Our software is designed to be age and income agnostic, promoting a holistic approach with long-term planning horizons. 

  • ​Personalize plans so that they truly reflect clients' real lives and their individual concerns.
  • Simplify the planning process for both advisors and clients with intuitive modules.
  • Empower clients with our scenario based plans that encourage personal ownership, consistent engagement, and exploring all possibilities.

Be a Hero

Empower your community by providing essential financial planning services to those in need. With our ProBonoPlan, you can make a real impact, one plan at a time. Join a network of advisors dedicated to giving back and making financial literacy accessible to everyone.

  • ​Deliver high-quality, impactful financial plans that can truly make a difference.
  • Help individuals achieve financial stability and security, creating a lasting positive impact.
  • Give of your time and talent to help increase the number of people with access to planning. 

Your Plan is Important too

As an advisor, you deserve the same level of privacy and security that you provide to your clients. With My Private Plan, you can create a comprehensive financial plan for yourself, completely separate from your professional work. 

  • Protect your sensitive information with a secure, unlinked environment separate from your firm.
  • Utilize our powerful scenario based modeling for your own plan.
  • Plan for your own future using your own identity No more fake names and fear of colleagues snooping.

Sponsor a
someday client

Help your clients embark on their journey to financial independence with the StartingOutPlan. By sponsoring or referring them, you grant access to self-guided financial literacy tools and resources, empowering them to transform their lives and explore dreams they may not have even considered previously.

  • ​Empower clients with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their finances effectively.
  • Prepare clients to confidently eploy professional services in the near future.
  • Provide a comprehensive, self-paced financial literacy experience that fits their schedule.

Engaged Education

At FinLitYou, we believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives. Our platform offers a range of webinars, workshops, and self-guided experiences designed to teach financial literacy in an engaging and accessible way. 

  • ​Explore relevant financial topics with structured workshops that provide practical, hands-on learning with expert guidance.
  • Learn at your own pace, if you prefer, with our flexible, scenario-based training modules.
  • Join our vibrant community to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from others on the same financial journey.hy people should get this now

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