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  • ​Unlimited Access to PlanTechHub Services
  • ​Unlimited Access to Shared Plans
  • ​Upgrade to Premium anytime for more.

Available Services via Access

A Powerful, yet streamlined planning experience, delivered one plan at a time.

Planning Software for Advisors to serve those in need, donated one plan at a time.

Self-Guided Financial Literacy Workshops for education and Personal Scenario creation.

A completely private financial plan, unlinked from your firm.

Sponsor or refer your client to a Self-Guided Financial Literacy experience.

A Free License for ParaPlaners and other third party contributors to access and organize.

Accessable Services


Not all planning instances will continue to next year. 

  • ​Flexible Costs  allow you to pay based on how you see a particular financial advice relationship ending...or not.
  • Streamlined planning process for both advisors and clients makes everything easy.
  • Powerful planning is still there every step of the way that encourages personal ownership, consistent engagement.

Be a Hero

Join a network of advisors dedicated to giving back and making financial literacy accessible to everyone.​

  • Deliver an experience meant for the audience via customization of Metrics, Graphs & Market Assumtions.
  • Save time through their participation in Data Gathering and Self-Guided Financial Literacy.
  • Keep your Pro-Bono Planning independent from your regular planning services.

For Your Eyes Only

Your Personal Plan could be shielded from your co-workers and you might have a client that demands that same level of privacy.

  • Use Free Account to Access your Private Plan
  • ​Your Personal Private Plan is Free
  • ​Additional Private Plans can be Purchased

Sponsor a Prospect​

Sponsor the children of your clients and other "Someday Clients" to Self-Guided Financial Literacy. 

  • ​Empower Someday Clients to understand their Financial Situaiton without using your Resources.
  • ​Prepare Future Clients for your Advice
  • ​View the stats of these clients through your Free PlanTechAccess Account.
  • ​Offer Advice Anytime

Coming Soon!!!

Engaged Education

Free Online Workshop focused on teaching Financial Literacy through a Self-Guided Scenario Driven experience. 

  • ​Combination Workbook Style Learning Experience with Financial Literacy Software
  • ​Additional FinLitYou Services coming soon:  Online and In-Person Hosted Workshops

Coming Soon!!!

The ultimate Assist

Paraplanners and other third party specialist use this free license to work directly with advisors and their plans. 

  • This is your account for as long as you need it.
  • Its free because your job makes more planning for more people get done.
  • Use this account to work with any number of teams, concurrently.
  • ​​Access & Engage the many services of PlanTechHub.
  • Your Private Plan is Free and stays private from your firm.
  • Sample Cases can help teach you how to look at your situation.
  • Planning Modules needed to evaluate and offer advice.
  • Client Portal Access is provided to each Household​
  • A Streamlined Experience sets default Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.
  • Unlimited Clients
  • ​Unlimited Scenarios
  • ​Client Access Control
  • ​Professional Access Control
  • ​All Integrations
  • ​Free Aggregation
  • ​Multi-Advisor Admin
  • ​Free Support Team Access
  • ​Unlimited Customization of Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.