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PlanTechHub instantly elevates the value of your platform by seamlessly embedding its cutting-edge financial planning modules into your FinTech Platform for advisors


Banks & BDs



3 Easy Steps

 1.  We consolidate the traditional process of many pages into 1 - 2 pages.
​ 2.  Choose the type of experience preferred for Advisors of your Platform.
​ 3.  Free Add-Ons are available to elevate the planning experience.

  Universal 1-Page Financial Plan

Current Plan

  • ​A Comprehensive Plan on 1 Page
  • ​Intuitive for both Advisor & Client​
  • ​Agnostic to Age or Economic Situation

  Easy Plan & Play

Current Plan



  • ​Perfect for straightforward view of Recommendations
  • ​Default simple but important metrics & graphs
  • ​Allows for a "Do-It-Yourself" experience for the Client​


Current Plan



  • ​More Comprehensive Planning through Scenarios
  • ​Create Scenarios for Coaching, Stress Testing, Dream Planning & More
  • ​Engage clients with​ add-on pages that assist conversations and empower ​ participation.

Free Add-Ons to All Experiences


This module empowers advisors and compliance departments to maintain precise records detailing the construction of a financial plan and its contributors. From secure data gathering to the secure delivery and tracking of advice, every step is documented. Furthermore, this information can seamlessly integrate into the Client Portal, allowing clients to access and follow the story of their financial plan.

  Client Access

The Client Access Page provides advisors with a simple and swift means to configure and manage the client experience effortlessly. It grants control over which pages are visible to clients and specifies the actions they can perform on those pages.

Free Full-Planning Add-Ons

  For Client Presentation & Portal  

  Suggested Actions

  Plan Comparison



Engage with 1 or more Modules designed to peacock advisor skills & empower clients.

Other High Value Benefits

Add important Plan Metrics to your Experience & Be the centerpiece of their planning

Whats happening in the Process?

  Plan Management

  • ​Planning Stage
  • ​Duration
  • Last Client Access
  • ​& More

  Plan Status

  • ​Probability
  • ​Suggested Actions
  • Adopted Actions
  • ​& More

  Current Plan Data

  • ​Plan Horizon
  • ​Goal Count
  • Target Portfolio
  • ​& More

How is the plan performing?

  Coverage Results

  • ​GI Coverage
  • ​Annuity Coverage
  • Success Rate
  • ​& More


  • ​Federal Taxes
  • ​Marginal Tax Rate
  • Tax Penalties
  • ​& More


  • ​Net Worth Legacy
  • ​Real Assets Legacy
  • Investments @ Retirement
  • ​& More

Ratio Analysis / Plan Diagnostics


  • ​Spend Rate
  • ​Housing Rate
  • Gross Savings Rate
  • ​Effective Tax Rate


  • ​Total Debt Ratio
  • ​Consumer​ Ratio
  • Front End Ratio
  • ​Cost of Debt
  • ​Interest Coverage


  • ​Emergency Fund
  • ​Current Ratio
  • Debt to Assets
  • ​Solvency Ratio


  • Real Return
  • Inflation Protection
  • ​Liquid Allocation
  • ​Investment Allocation​

Customize the Look & Feel to match your Tech

Control Settings from your tech or Ours

  Metrics & Graphs

PlanTechHub offers a large array of Plan Numbers and Visuals that assist the advisor in diagnosing, analyzing & presenting advice.

  On-Screen Disclosures

Custom disclosers can be added to the online and At-Source Printing associated to each module for assured compliant usage.


Plans are run with preferences by advisors and sometimes clients.  PlanTechHub offers many options to customize how it can run.

  Report Templates

PlanTechHub offers Institutions the ability to  design and default custom templates used for the Reporting Module.

  Rates & Limits

Compliance can set rates & limits used when running your financial plan.  These options can be changed per household or advisor.

  Market Assumptions

Institutions can offer one or more sets of Capital Market Assumptions used to grow assets and inflate expenses in the Plan.