For Federal, State, Local Gov & other non-profit agencies

Made to Serve our Community

PlanTechHub Civics is designed for federal, state, and local agencies that seek to foster increased financial well-being for everyday citizens through Financial Literacy.







Families in Need of some Assistance

​For families facing financial struggles, a comprehensive financial plan is key to a brighter future. Our software's long-term horizon planning and flexible scenario modeling adeptly handles life’s changes, from budgeting to saving for education and unexpected expenses. We empower families to explore often divergent pathways and make informed decisions, guiding them toward lasting financial security amidst life's unpredictability.

Returning Veterans and first responders

Veterans and first responders dedicate their lives to serving others, often facing unique financial challenges upon returning to civilian life or managing on moderate incomes. Our platform accommodates their specific needs, from optimizing benefits to planning for education and retirement, ensuring a smoother transition and financial security.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners are crucial to a thriving community, as their success significantly impacts many lives. They must skillfully manage both business and personal finances, frequently within tight budget constraints. Our software provides the tools these entrepreneurs need to forecast, plan, and adapt, enabling them to achieve a balance that promotes both business growth and personal financial health.


Seniors often find themselves balancing the management of fixed incomes, contemplating potential inheritances, and providing support to their children or grandchildren—all while hoping to savor their retirement years to the fullest. We provide a unique tool that allows Seniors to explore and test multiple paths to ensure that that they can approach their retirement with confidence, knowing they have a plan in place for financial stability and the ability to contribute meaningfully to their families' futures.


Teachers invest themselves in our children's futures, often while balancing their own challenging personal financial situations along the way. Our planning tool supports their unique needs, allowing for flexible planning for additional income or deserved sabbaticals. It adapts to the yearly change and unpredictability in a teacher's life, ensuring their financial planning is as dynamic as their career.