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3 Demo cases / 3 very different Clients

Carlos and Christie

Christy and Carlos retired a few years ago. They'd like to get a picture of their current financial path and what they can do to make sure there's enough money to fund the future needs of their grandson Carlos III. Though the advisor has access to all PlantechHub modules, Carlos and Christy can only access one - Suggested Actions. This is the 1-Page financial plan and an ideal experience for those that want to engage their plan whether with their advisor or at home.

Ben and Beth

​Ben and Beth, who previously opened a Roth IRA with their advisor, are now seeking a comprehensive review of their financial plan to address their growing needs. With three children, they are heavily focused on planning for education costs and how these expenses might impact their retirement in terms of quality and timing. Their advisor has prepared a series of scenarios in the Scenarios Module to explore these various aspects and determine next steps.

Amy The Milennial

  • Amy, a recent graduate now working, is focusing on short-term goals to pave the way for long-term aspirations. She aims to buy a starter home soon, upgrade it later for a growing family, and pursue her passion for travel, which she expects to evolve over time. She wonders about her investment strategy, the type of house to save for, and her travel budget. Given "DIY" access by her advisor, Amy can adjust her Client Profile and Workshop to explore these questions herself.

Feel Free To Explore

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Add as many households as you want.

No limitations means that you can build as many cases as you want as you evaluate.

Create as many Scenarios as you want.

Scenarios are what make PlanTechHub so unique and powerful. We want you to explore this feature as much as possible to truly understand what you can do for your clients with some attention, creativity, and PlanTechHUb.

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Use Integrations & Aggregation to get data in the plan.

Safely and easily connect your clients' accounts.

Customize which metrics and visuals are used in all or each plan.

You have unprecedented control over what you present to your clients. Choose the metrics and graphs that best illustrate the advice you are giving. Every plan and every scenario can be customized.

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Give Access to your Clients

We make it easy for you to invite clients and to determine exactly which parts of their plan you want them to see. Change access settings at any time.

Customize your Capital Market Assumptions.

Use different capital market assumptions to accommodate different clients as well as to explore scenarios within the same plan.

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Customize the look and feel of the experience.

Match the colors of PlanTechHub to your brand or charm clients by making them the colors of their alma mater.