Extra with Premium


Premium License

  • ​Unlimited Households & Users
  • Unlimited Scenarios for Coaching, Education, Etc...
  • ​Unlimited Collaboration with Support Staff & other Advisors
  • ​Unlimited Customization of the Theme, Assumptions & Metrics
  • ​Unlimited Integrations, Aggregation & More.

Customize the Look & Feel to match your Brand

Showcasing your Expertise through the Customization of all actionable advice 



Highlight the metrics that best illustrate the advice you are giving your client for any plan or any given scenario within the plan.



Choose the graphs that best correlate with the conversation you are having with the client, with different graphs for every scenario you want to model.



Test the current plan or any scenarios with things that are beyond the client's control such as loss of job, recession, market spike, and more.

Whats happening in the Process?

  Plan Management

  • ​Planning Stage
  • ​Duration
  • Last Client Access
  • ​& More

  Plan Status

  • ​Probability
  • ​Suggested Actions
  • Adopted Actions
  • ​& More

  Current Plan Data

  • ​Plan Horizon
  • ​Goal Count
  • Target Portfolio
  • ​& More

How is the plan performing?

  Coverage Results

  • ​GI Coverage
  • ​Annuity Coverage
  • Success Rate
  • ​& More


  • ​Federal Taxes
  • ​Marginal Tax Rate
  • Tax Penalties
  • ​& More


  • ​Net Worth Legacy
  • ​Real Assets Legacy
  • Investments @ Retirement
  • ​& More

Ratio Analysis / Plan Diagnostics


  • ​Spend Rate
  • ​Housing Rate
  • Gross Savings Rate
  • ​Effective Tax Rate


  • ​Total Debt Ratio
  • ​Consumer​ Ratio
  • Front End Ratio
  • ​Cost of Debt
  • ​Interest Coverage


  • ​Emergency Fund
  • ​Current Ratio
  • Debt to Assets
  • ​Solvency Ratio


  • Real Return
  • Inflation Protection
  • ​Liquid Allocation
  • ​Investment Allocation​

Unprecedented Collaboration 

TEAMS does it all

  • Create & Manage your own team
  • Invite Colleagues, Clients & Third-Party Professionals
  • Quickly Access a History of the Plan at anytime
  • Remember:  Staff Licenses are free
  • ​Set Team level controls for Capital Market Assumptions, Report Templates, Integrations, and Plan Settings

Transfer Plans between Members

Whether a team member is leaving the company or a department, transferring plans is super quick.

Easily Manage Permissions

Fully control the permissions of each team member as to what can be accessed or done when accessed.

View Summary of Team on Dashboard

All Key Performance Indicators for the plans assigned to the team are shown on one dashboard. 

Promote Members to help manage

Any Team Member can be upgraded to management level control which can quickly be reversed.


  • Integrate seamlessly multiple data sources

  • Automatically link to existing plan metrics
  • ​ Automatically classify sub level positions w/Morningstar

Full Client & Professional Access Control

  • ​Invite the client based on the experience you would like for them to have.
  • Offer a quick one page financial plan or open up every module for your engineering clients.
  • Highlight only your advice with suggested actions.
  • ​Give access to the history module and let them see all activity for the life of the plan.

View Reports Digitally or Print Them Out.

All Standard in Premium

Customize your Capital Market Asssumptions

Unlimited Sets

Have as few or as many as you want. The most sophisticated portfolio can be modelled as accurately as possible.

Unconnected Sets

Sets are disparate so that suggested actions and scenarios do not need to be adjusted to be in line with new assumption sets.

  • ​​Access & Engage the many services of PlanTechHub.
  • Your Private Plan is Free and stays private from your firm.
  • Sample Cases can help teach you how to look at your situation.
  • Planning Modules needed to evaluate and offer advice.
  • Client Portal Access is provided to each Household​
  • A Streamlined Experience sets default Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.
  • Unlimited Clients
  • ​Unlimited Scenarios
  • ​Client Access Control
  • ​Professional Access Control
  • ​All Integrations
  • ​Free Aggregation
  • ​Multi-Advisor Admin
  • ​Free Support Team Access
  • ​Unlimited Customization of Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.