Per Advisor

Per Year

Here's what you get:

  • All Core Planning Modules
  • Unlimited Households
  • Unlimited Scenarios
  • ​Unlimited Client Access
  • Unlimited Sets of Capital Market Assumptions
  • ​All Integrations
  • Free Aggregation
  • ​Free Support Staff Licenses
  • ​Unlimited TEAM memberships

Retail License Per Advisor

  • 1 to 20+ Advisors
  • Standard Terms of Service
  • No Multi-Advisor Discount Pricing

EZ Enterprise Relationship

  • 20+/- to 100's
  • Standard Terms & Contract 
  • Volume Discounted

Large Enterprise Partnership

  • 100's to 1000's
  • Custom Terms & Contract
  • Volume Discounted

License FAQs

Are there multi-license discounts?

Yes, but those discounts begin in firms of 20 +/- that engage an EZ Enterprise or Large Institution agreement.  If you would like more information about those discount tables, please utilize the above "Request Proposal" or "Schedule a Meeting" buttons.  

Why are support staff licenses free?

We understand that in a collaborative environment multiple professionals may need access to a plan. Our system is uniquely designed to allow team members such as paraplanners or compliance to access plans with privileges that can be limited by the advisor. The History module will show every time a plan is accessed and by whom. 

What is your return policy?

We want all of our users to have a positive experience. Our official policy is that you can request a refund within the first 30 days of your contract, but we are willing to discuss solutions for specific situations that warrant discussion beyond that time.

How do we price for a Team with multiple advisors?

Use this formula:  Total Advisor Count X $750.  If you're not 100% sure what does or should qualify as an advisor, book a meeting with us to discuss.  You will find we are flexible.  We understand that there will be people listed as Advisors on your site or ADV that do not really participate in the process.  Let's talk!

Are there hidden fees?

No. We want everyone on our platform to have access to the best experience we can offer. Currently, that means aggregation, integrations, and TEAMS are all included in our standard price.

Can I request features?

Please, do so. We strive to be the tool of choice for advisors who want to do more for their clients, hence our motto "Do More Planning." Go to our Roadmap and feel free to add anything that will make it easier for you to provide optimal service to clients.