Basic Training

Make sure to turn on the sound!

1. Getting Started  (11:41)

  • ​How to register for a Free Trial
  • ​How to Navigate the system
  • ​Quick overview of the Client List Page

In Production

2. Building the Plan (X:XX)

  • ​How to Create a Household
  • ​How to Build the Current Plan
  • ​How to Build Scenarios

3. Engaging the Client (X:XX)

  • ​How to use Suggested Actions
  • ​How to use The Workshop
  • ​How to use Plan Comparison
  • ​How to build and present Reports

4. Manage the Process (X:XX)

  • ​How to Customize Graphs and Metrics
  • ​Customize Capital Market Assumptions
  • ​Customize Report Templates
  • ​How to build ​Teams for collaboration