What's Included


Core Planning

  • ​Goals-Based Experience using Cash-Flow Engine
  • ​Unlimited Scenarios for Coaching, Education, Etc...
  • ​Unlimited Collaboration with Support Staff & other Advisors
  • ​Customization of Capital Market Assumptions, Reports, & More
  • ​Access to all Client Engagement Modules

Client Presentation & Portal Modules

Suggested Actions


This 1-page financial plan transcends age and socioeconomic boundaries. Its interactive experience caters to clients of all backgrounds, providing a holistic and personalized approach to financial planning in a single, user-friendly format.

The Workshop


This dynamic module empowers both advisors and clients to explore suggestions and what-if scenarios without impacting any existing plans. Advisors can use it for compelling presentations, while clients can have DIY access it in their portal.

Plan Comparison


Advisors and clients compare comprehensive or specific scenario results side by side, all on a single page. It's the ultimate tool for gaining a holistic view of your financial journey that can easily morph into niche education.



Advisors can generate customizable PDFs and engage clients through report pages that can be printed or presented digitally. Seamlessly communicate vital information catered to you and your clients while staying eco-friendly and efficient. 

Keep a Record of this Plans Story


  • Who is accessing this plan?
  • What is being changed?
  • What advice has been given?
  • ​What happened to that advice?

Showcasing your Expertise through the Customization of all actionable advice 



Highlight the metrics that best illustrate the advice you are giving your client for any plan or any given scenario within the plan.



Choose the graphs that best correlate with the conversation you are having with the client, with different graphs for every scenario you want to model.



Test the current plan or any scenarios with things that are beyond the client's control such as loss of job, recession, market spike, and more.

Unprecedented Collaboration 

TEAMS does it all

  • Create & Manage your own team
  • Invite Colleagues, Clients & Third-Party Professionals
  • Quickly Access a History of the Plan at anytime
  • Remember:  Staff Licenses are free
  • ​Set Team level controls for Capital Market Assumptions, Report Templates, Integrations, and Plan Settings

Transfer Plans between Members

Whether a team member is leaving the company or a department, transferring plans is super quick.

Easily Manage Permissions

Fully control the permissions of each team member as to what can be accessed or done when accessed.

View Summary of Team on Dashboard

All Key Performance Indicators for the plans assigned to the team are shown on one dashboard. 

Promote Members to help manage

Any Team Member can be upgraded to management level control which can quickly be reversed.

Easily Link Accounts


  • Integrate seamlessly multiple data sources

  • Automatically link to existing plan metrics
  • ​ Automatically classify sub level positions w/Morningstar


Coming Very Soon.           

  • Link Investments, Real Assets & Debts
  • ​1000's of Institutions Globally
  • ​Easy to Use Widget for Clients & Advisors
  • ​It's Free

Unlimited Scenarios

Scenarios are the delivery mechinisims for Advice

Dream Scenarios

Coaching Scnearios

Risk Scnearios

Stress Test Scenarios

Strategy Scenarios

Send us your Scary Engineering Clients

Audit Trial

Every action in the plan id trackable for the life of the plan. Easily identify problem areas or track inconsistencies.

Cash-Flow Detail

An in-depth look at financial inflows and outflows, offering a clear picture of how money moves through all accounts.

Net-Worth Detail

Track net worth over time and see where goals may require proactive measures in order to be achieved as planned.

Easy & Engaging Client Access

  • ​Invite the client based on the experience you would like for them to have.
  • Offer a quick one page financial plan or open up every module for your engineering clients.
  • Highlight only your advice with suggested actions.
  • ​Give access to the history module and let them see all activity for the life of the plan.

View Reports Digitally or Print Them Out.

All Standard in PlanTechHub

Customize your Capital Market Asssumptions to the Service

Unlimited Sets

Have as few or as many as you want. The most sophisticated portfolio can be modelled as accurately as possible.

Unconnected Sets

Sets are disparate so that suggested actions and scenarios do not need to be adjusted to be in line with new assumption sets.

Ideal for Pro-Bono

Work with a wide range of clients who may still be in the accumulation phase of their lives, with fewer investments.

Data Gathering

Give clients ownership of their plans by having them create their own set of assumptions, making their plan more true to life.

Ratio Analysis for Better Diagnostics

Comes Standard with PlanTechHub

Bring Value early and often with metrics that drill down and niche Plan!

Income Usage

  • Spend Rate
  • ​Housing Rate
  • ​Gross Savings Rate
  • ​Effective Tax Rate

Debt Performance

  • Total Debt Ratio
  • Consumer Debt Ratio
  • Front End Ratio
  • Cost of Debt Ratio
  • ​Interest Coverage Ratio


  • Emergency Fund
  • ​Current Ratio
  • ​Debt to Assets
  • ​Solvency Ratio


  • Portfolio Return
  • ​Standard Deviation
  • ​Real Return
  • ​Inflation Protection Ratio
  • ​Investment Allocation
  • ​Liquid Allocation

Match your Digital Planning Experience to your Website with the Theme Editor

  • Match colors to your branding
  • Cater to Individual Clients
  • Make each presentation unique