Pro-Bono with PlanTechHub

Be a hero and use your planning superpowers for those that need it the most

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Why it's easier to Pro-Bono with us?

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An Experience not solely focused on investments

Unlike every other financial planning software, we were built to plan for all age groups and tax brackets. Our revolutionary scenario builder is perfect for clients who still have a lot of big decisions to make outside of investments.

Invite the Client to self register and input data

Invite clients and allow them access to the platform so that they can begin creating their own plan. You can minimize time and increase the client's ownership of the plan and your advice by having them do most of the onboarding on their own.

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Use Separate Pro-Bono Capital Market Assumptions

Customize the experience for your clients based on their specific situations. Build multiple scenarios that give the flexibility and specificity needed for plans that may look a lot different than what is typical in our industry.

Client Portal flexibility allows for a custom experience.

Give clients the experience you want them to have by giving them access to some modules while denying access to others. You can always give or take away access depending on your process, the client, and the planning stage.

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At Source Reporting

Every action in PlanTechHub is documented and can be examined though the ripple effects it has on the life of the plan. 

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TEAMS allows for collaboration with other professionals

Easily share or transfer plans with other professionals. TEAMS makes collaboration easier and more intuitive than any other financial planning software on the market. It was designed to solve for the billing and compliance issues that have historically complicated the process.

Keep a running History of this Experience

Every action taken by every professional who touches the plan is documented in a clean and easy to trace format. Rest easy knowing that PlanTechHub has erased the pain points of collaborative planning with TEAMS.

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