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The Client Profile Module

  • Engage the plan in a clean, one-page, editable view.
  • ​Go deeper in the plan  by clicking on the modules
  • ​A true one page financial plan with goals, funding rate, and Monte Carlo.​

Advisors & Clients can view the digital history of this planning instance at the click of a button.

Connect Banking, Credit Cards, Retirement Accounts, Real Estate & More with Free Aggregation

Diagnose the Client's Current Financial Health

Use Ratio Analysis and Other Metrics

  • Gain immediate insights into your client's financial health with our advanced metrics.
  • Identify discrepancies and unusual results in your client's financial data, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • ​​View client data on dash in three different ways: Plan Results summary, Current Profile Summary and Financial Health Analysis.

The Anti-Blackbox

Audit Trial

Every action in the plan is trackable for the life of the plan. Easily identify problem areas or track inconsistencies.

Cash-Flow Detail

An in-depth look at financial inflows and outflows, offering a clear picture of how money moves through all accounts.

Net-Worth Detail

Track net worth over time to see where goals may require proactive measures in order to be achieved as planned.

Build Recommendations and Other Scenarios

Scenarios Deliver Advice

  • Recommendations: Provide personalized, actionable financial advice to your clients.
  • Dream Scenarios: Think bigger and model aspirational goals  that engage and inspire.
  • Stress Test Scenarios: Assess resilience against adverse situations and market changes.
  • Coaching Scenarios: Educate and empower to make intentional, informed decisions
  • Strategic Scenarios: Determine optimal usage and execution of financial instruments to align with goals.

Deliver Advice to the Client


Demonstrate your expertise and provide actionable advice within the system. Your suggested actions will be visible to clients in their portal, enabling informed decisions. Provide even more engagement by giving clients workshop access to play.

Client Portal

The 1-Page Financial Plan is Age and Economic Agnostic.

All Recommendations and other considerations in a single page view.  Nothing is easier for Clients to understand and engage.

Adopt Actions in Real-Time

  • ​Execute instantly with our user-friendly interface, ensuring timely adjustments to any financial plan.
  • Deliver value and consistent, documented client engagement.

What to do after 90-Days?

I'm Done

Turn Off

Both the Advisors Access & the Clients Access will be turned off.  The client will still be seen by you.  You can request for the plan to be fully deleted, but may still come back and pay the difference if you change your mind.

I'm Done for now, but
​I may want Access Later


It will cost $5 a month. You and your client will retain full access until you Turn Off the Household. We welcome you to check in regularly to check out all of the services we have to offer. 

I'm Done for now, but
​I'll need Access Later


Pay $35 ($50 - $15) to purchase the plan for the remainder of a year.  An annual commitment gives a $10 discount.  Once your year is up, you can choose to maintain access for $5 a month ($50 a year) or Cancel.

I can't live without PlanTechHub

Upgrade to

Any Free Access Account can be upgraded to premium for $1,000 a year minus any Basic fees paid in the last year.  We can also move your Basic, StartingOutPlan, ProBono & More to the Premium Account.


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  • Sample Cases can help teach you how to look at your situation.
  • Planning Modules needed to evaluate and offer advice.
  • Client Portal Access is provided to each Household​
  • A Streamlined Experience sets default Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.
  • Unlimited Clients
  • ​Unlimited Scenarios
  • ​Client Access Control
  • ​Professional Access Control
  • ​All Integrations
  • ​Free Aggregation
  • ​Multi-Advisor Admin
  • ​Free Support Team Access
  • ​Unlimited Customization of Theme, Market Assumptions, Graphs & Metrics.